Re: Script variants and compatibility equivalence, was: Response to Everson Phoenician and why June 7?

From: Patrick Durusau (
Date: Mon Jun 07 2004 - 07:18:19 CDT

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    Peter Kirk wrote:
    > On 06/06/2004 14:38, Patrick Durusau wrote:
    >> ...
    > I do not mean to imply that the current proposer has not noted "the
    > distinction between the terms character and glyph as defined in this
    > standard." Dr Kaufman is wrong in suggesting that he does not understand
    > glyphs or Unicode. As it seems to me, the proposer has rather rejected
    > the considered opinions of Semitic scholars that the abjads are made up
    > of the same characters, in favour of his own judgment that they are
    > separate abstract characters. This is the judgment that I am
    > questioning, on the authority of your clear statement, Patrick, of the
    > scholarly view that the abjads share the same characters.

    Sorry, I presumed a common understanding that different communities
    understand "character" and "glyph" differently.

    It is inaccurate to take one communities' statement (for a particular
    purpose) that "abjads share the same characters" and apply it in another
    community, that has a different purpose or meaning for the same phrase.

    Take a non-Unicode example: The understanding of "human rights" in the
    United States does not include a right to government sponsored medical
    care. From what I have been told, Europeans understand "human rights" to
    include such care. (Not interested in debating the relative merits of
    either one.) My point is that I could say, as a US national in a
    European country, that everyone should support "human rights" and be
    understood quite differently from what I may (or may not) have intended.

    If that is still unclear, then I have failed to accurately convey the
    meaning of my prior posts. I really don't have time to continue debating
    this issue so if you would refer to my full postings in the archive,
    readers can make their own judgments about what was or was not meant.

    Hope you are having a great day!


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