RE: New versions of the Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR 1.1)

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 12:09:50 CDT

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    > The Unicode(r) Consortium announced today the release of new versions
    of the
    > Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR 1.1) and the Locale Data Markup
    > Language specification (LDML 1.1),

    I'm confused: at, technical report #35 is
    referred to as an unqualified Unicode Technical Standard, whereas at it's referred to as a draft.
    What's the status of this thing? I've looked through minutes from the
    last five meetings and can find no reference to this.

    I'm wondering mainly because I've been concerned at some of the text in
    one portion of the draft and expected to see it some up on a UTC agenda,
    but it hasn't shown up so far.

    Peter Constable
    Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
    Microsoft Windows Division

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