Re: Sinhala encoding issues

Date: Wed Jun 09 2004 - 12:28:17 CDT

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    Paul Nelson (TYPOGRAPHY) scripsit:

    > Currently, our implementation is that a character displayed on its
    > own is displayed on a dotted circle. From my recollection, this is
    > what is recommended in TUS. This currently works as a "stand-alone"
    > mark with a visual representation of the dotted circle in place of
    > the base character.

    Let's be clear here. If a combining character, or sequence of combining
    characters, is preceded by a SP or NBSP (indifferently), it should be displayed
    stand-alone. In this case, the SP or NBSP does not represent whitespace as such.

    If there is neither a graphical base character nor a SP/NBSP before the
    combining character (or sequence), you can do what you like. A dotted-circle
    glyph is one appropriate choice.

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