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Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 10:11:30 CDT

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    Whenever you have questions about these sorts of issues, make very sure that you
    consult the latest version of the Unicode standard, in this case, 4.0.1

    You will find there the following -- much more explicit -- text, that amends the
    text from 4.0:

    D13a Graphic character: A character with the General Categories of Letter (L),
    Combining Mark (M), Number (N), Punctuation (P), Symbol (S), or Space Separator
    D13b Base character: Any graphic character except for those with the General
    Category of Combining Mark (M).

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    > According to the definition a base character is:
    > "A character that does not graphically combine with
    > preceding characters, and that is neither a control
    > nor a format character."
    > What is this expressed in terms of properties?
    > Something like this? cc==0 AND GG!=Cc AND GC!=Cf AND GC!=Cn
    > Theo

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