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Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 10:07:34 CDT

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    Peter Constable wrote:

    >>From: []
    >>Behalf Of John Cowan
    >> [T]he Unicode Standard does not encode idiosyncratic,
    >> personal, novel, or private use characters [...].
    >What about Bell's Visible Speech? (I'm sure I've seen it discussed here
    >on on qalam, but I've no recollection what might have been said.) I
    >don't know what Bell might have published, but they were also used by
    >Sweet, Henry. 1906. A primer of phonetics. 3rd edn., revised. Oxford:
    >Clarendon Press.
    >Would you consider these too idiosyncratic?
    I hope not. IMO Visible Speech *definitely* deserves encoding in Plane
    1. Bell used it some, and I have several articles by Sweet in which he
    used it, and I even managed to find an article by someone else using
    Visible Speech. Everything is a novel invention once; the question is
    whether it has a life (or at least a significance) beyond its inventor.
    (cf. Shavian, which probably was used not more than, and likely less
    than, Visible Speech). In fact, in the movie of My Fair Lady, Visible
    Speech is, in fact, well, visible in Henry Higgins' notebook.

    I have a font (my own), and proposal for VS is languishing on my hard
    drive; it should someday be finished up and submitted.

    (owner of, which someday, I hope, will actually have
    useful VS information on it)

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