Re: Bantu click letters

Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 12:09:56 CDT

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    Peter Constable scripsit:

    > Would you consider these too idiosyncratic?

    No. The "idio-" in "idiosyncratic" has to do with an individual.
    I forgot to point this out earlier, but !Xu phonology isn't idiosyncratic
    either -- it's just unusual. To the !Xu it's the normal thing.

    Is a chair finely made tragic or comic? Is the          John Cowan
    portrait of Mona Lisa good if I desire to see 
    it? Is the bust of Sir Philip Crampton lyrical,
    epical or dramatic?  If a man hacking in fury 
    at a block of wood make there an image of a cow,
    is that image a work of art? If not, why not?               --Stephen Dedalus

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