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Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 15:21:42 CDT

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    Michael Everson scripsit:

    > You don't KNOW that. You assert that. This is the "adversarial" style
    > I was objecting to, John. Could you please take this on board?

    Fair enough, Michael. But the burden of going forward with the evidence
    is still yours. (I'll do what I can.)

    > But it is QUITE another thing for you to come out
    > and say that there are no other documents which make use of the same
    > characters.

    Quite so, and I retract all remarks implying that.

    > >In their day, there were probably a lot more documents using LATIN
    > >one, yet they are not encoded either.
    > HETA is on my to-do list. Isn't ANTISIGMA the GREEK CAPITAL REVERSED
    > LUNATE SIGMA that's under ballot?

    Yes, except these letters are Latin letters (indeed, letters used to
    write the Latin language). You if anyone should be against unifying them
    with Greek letters, particularly since they were applied for purposes
    very different from those of sigma or heta.

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