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Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 15:44:20 CDT

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    > > You don't KNOW that. You assert that. This is the "adversarial" style
    >> I was objecting to, John. Could you please take this on board?
    >Fair enough, Michael. But the burden of going forward with the evidence
    >is still yours. (I'll do what I can.)

    I have shown (1) that they exist, (2) that they have specific usage.
    I have not shown them in a second document, though I have shown that
    Pullum & Ladusaw have quoted one word in Doke's orthography, spelling
    it with his peculiar use of diacritics. I would be happy to find a
    second use of the letters, but I consider the usefulness of being
    able to cite Doke in the original to be perfectly legitimate. Let's
    see what turns up in NYPL and LOC.

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