Re: decent unicode capable web app editor

From: Edward H. Trager (
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 15:34:55 CDT

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    On Wednesday 2004.06.16 23:28:28 +0700, Paul Hastings wrote:
    > from a pure web (html/coldfusion/java) application development/coding
    > perspective (ie not dreamweaver, etc.) would anyone care to recommend a
    > unicode capable editor? perhaps eclipse?
    > thanks.

    What about vim (vi clone: I just converted a very large
    UTF-8-encoded HTML document (more than 15000 lines) to standards-compliant XHTML-1.0 and
    found the advanced regular-expression-based substitution facilities in vi(m)
    absolutely indispensible for adding all of the closing tags that XML requires
    which were missing in my original document. I had been using a couple of other
    editors to complete the work, but as the conversion requirements got more difficult,
    vim proved to be the most efficient tool for the job. Note: If you do use vim or
    another vi clone in a terminal on a *nix platform, make sure you run it inside mlterm
    ( in order to display Unicode properly.


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