Re: decent unicode capable web app editor

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 23:46:31 CDT

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    Edward H. Trager scripsit:

    > What about vim (vi clone: I just converted
    > a very large UTF-8-encoded HTML document (more than 15000
    > lines) to standards-compliant XHTML-1.0 and found the advanced
    > regular-expression-based substitution facilities in vi(m) absolutely
    > indispensible for adding all of the closing tags that XML requires
    > which were missing in my original document.

    HTML Tidy or TagSoup would probably have served you better, rather than
    groveling over the code bit by bit. (HTML Tidy can do more cleaning,
    but it sometimes loops or delivers garbage if the HTML is sufficiently
    broken. TagSoup never gives up and never loops, but doesn't know
    as much about HTML.)

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