Re: lines 05-08, version 4.7 of Roadmap to BMP and 'Hebrew extensions'

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 15:11:54 CDT

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    Elaine asked...

    > Questions about Roadmap to BMP---
    > 1) from Hebrew in line 05 to end of line 08,
    > are these *all* right-to-left languages?

    Not right now. However, Tifinagh was just accepted by UTC and WG2, and has
    been moved out of that slot, so that line 08 *will* be all right to left,
    and Tifinagh will (likely) be encoded up at U+2D30. Some other stuff is
    also moving around. The roadmap will soon be updated to reflect the
    movement of Tifinagh, etc.

    > 2) In line 08, can I formally request insertion of a
    > 'Hebrew Extensions' section next to 'Samaritan'--do I
    > do this via the online reporting URL or ....?

    No. Blocks are created and populated as proposals are accepted. The
    roadmap is just a guide.

    > Or do I need to write a short proposal asking to
    > change line 08?

    There is no need to request any change to it.

    > I want to suggest that Babylonian vowels should also
    > be considered for BMP insertion.

    Then you should write a proposal for them.


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