Re: lines 05-08, version 4.7 of Roadmap to BMP and 'Hebrew extensions'

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Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 16:25:12 CDT

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          Elaine Keown

    Dear Rick and List and Peter K. and Mark Shoulson and
    Michael Everson and John Hudson:

    > You need to look at Unicode 4.0 as well. There are
    > 30 codepoints not encoded within the Hebrew block
    > on "05" of the Roadmap. Nothing *else* is
    > currently proposed for allocation to Hebrew. If a

    Peter and Mark and Michael and John wrote proposals
    for more Tiberian Hebrew to add to the 05 Hebrew
    block. There are ~10 more possible Tiberian thingies
    to add not yet proposed. So that leaves 20 code
    points minus whatever is accepted from Peter/Mark/
    Michael/John's 2004 proposals.

    > > I do actually have two brief suggestions that are
    > > important to Semitists, for the BMP and the SMP...
    > Submit your doc whenever you are ready.

    Quotes below from the SMP .pdf---I can't put the three
    quotes below together intelligibly.

    Do the quotes mean that the Linear B syllabary and Old
    Italic and Ugaritic are already in permanent locations
    in the SMP, or do they mean something else?

    Quote 1 from
    "This document is informative. Please send corrigenda
    and other comments to the authors using the online
    contact form. "

    Quote 2 from smp roadmap:
    "The SMP is tentatively mapped out to the following
    zones. Some of these are shaded grey informatively in
    the table below. "

    Quote 3 from smp roadmap:
    "Bold text indicates an allocated (that is, published)
    character collection. There is a link to the charts on
    the Unicode web site. "

    Again, thanks for all enlightenment...EK

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