Re: lines 05-08, version 4.7 of Roadmap to BMP and 'Hebrew extensions'

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 17:07:26 CDT

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    E. Keown wrote:

    > Elaine Keown
    > Tucson
    >Dear Rick and List and Peter K. and Mark Shoulson and
    >Michael Everson and John Hudson:
    >>You need to look at Unicode 4.0 as well. There are
    >>30 codepoints not encoded within the Hebrew block
    >>on "05" of the Roadmap. Nothing *else* is
    >>currently proposed for allocation to Hebrew. If a
    >Peter and Mark and Michael and John wrote proposals
    >for more Tiberian Hebrew to add to the 05 Hebrew
    >block. There are ~10 more possible Tiberian thingies
    >to add not yet proposed. So that leaves 20 code
    >points minus whatever is accepted from Peter/Mark/
    >Michael/John's 2004 proposals.
    Right, I was also thinking about what else needs to be added. I'm
    looking at an old version of one of your proposals (likely out of date),
    and the only things I see in that one that I think need to be considered
    are the "KETIV/QERE" symbols you have listed. We do need to discuss
    those (on the Hebrew list).

    I'm looking to see if I have any other old proposals of yours. I would
    like to get a proposal together for Babylonian vocalization; that
    definitely needs to be encoded. Did you say there was also a
    Palestinian vocalization system to be done? We need to find out about
    them. Those proposals probably should be bounced off Prof. Dotan if
    possible; you said he was an expert on this.

    I have already done some pretty extensive research on Samaritan, and I
    am waiting to hear from my own experts regarding what I have for that so
    far (I need to send some email about that today); we'll see what we can
    come up with for that.


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