wrote preliminary Babylonian, Samaritan

From: E. Keown (k_isoetc@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 17:50:43 CDT

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            Elaine Keown

    Dear Mark and List:

    >and the only things I see in that one that I think
    >need to be considered are the "KETIV/QERE" symbols
    you have listed. We do need to discuss

    I think ketiv/qere needs at least 4 things.

    >I would like to get a proposal together for
    >Babylonian vocalization;

    I wrote a preliminary Babylonian and a preliminary
    Samaritan in May.....I thought they were too
    preliminary to announce to anyone other than Rick
    McGowan and Mike Ksar.

    I'm re-doing them right now and I *will* send them to
    the Hebrew list, which I will rejoin and promptly go
    on vacation off of, to read online....

    I will write you and Peter K etc some other stuff
    offline. ---EK

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