Re: lines 05-08, version 4.7 of Roadmap to BMP and 'Hebrew extensions'

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 17:38:56 CDT

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    Elain asked:

    > Quotes below from the SMP .pdf---I can't put the three
    > quotes below together intelligibly.
    > Do the quotes mean that the Linear B syllabary and Old
    > Italic and Ugaritic are already in permanent locations
    > in the SMP, or do they mean something else?

    You should start with the standard itself, rather than
    the Roadmap. Go to:

    and from there or the home page, you can get to the
    online charts:

    From *there* you can see that Linear B, Old Italic, and
    Ugaritic are already part of the standard. That means they
    are final.

    > Quote 3 from smp roadmap:
    > "Bold text indicates an allocated (that is, published)
    > character collection. There is a link to the charts on
    > the Unicode web site. "

    And the roadmap, which is otherwise an informative document
    (and which is updated frequently, to reflect the current
    status of additional proposals under ballot or offered for
    review, as well as better knowledge of possible repertoires
    for lesser-known scripts), shows the existing *standard*
    character blocks in bold black text with links to the
    relevant standard charts, rather than links to proposals
    for future characters.

    If a block is shown in bold green text, then it is at
    some stage of ballotting in WG2 and/or has been accepted
    for standardization by the UTC, but is not yet a part
    of the standard(s).

    If a block is shown in blue text, then a formal proposal
    has been submitted to the UTC and/or to WG2, but has not
    yet progressed to the point of acceptance or ballotting.

    Note that even though the SMP page of the roadmap was last
    updated just on June 24th, it still is not quite in synch
    with the latest decisions of the WG2 committee, since
    Cuneiform has now been progressed to start its formal
    ballotting and should be shown in bold green text.


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