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From: Philipp Reichmuth (
Date: Fri Jun 25 2004 - 02:42:27 CDT

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    >> I was reminded that ALT+UNICODE (decimal) inputs characters into
    > Windows (...)
    > Wrong statement here: ALT+decimal is supported in keyboard drivers but
    > is limited to enter ONLY decimal values between 1 and 255. This value
    > can be entered and will be interpreted in two ways:
    > In Windows standard keyboard drivers, there's no integrated support to
    > enter Unicode codepoints transparently in all applications.

    I've written a small Windows (NT/2K/XP) keyboard layout that at least
    allows you to enter most accented Latin characters easily using dead
    keys. I use this for transliteration because I was fed up with
    memorizing stuff like U+0138. It's not complete, but it supports a fair
    set of accents. It should be sufficient for most European languages as
    well as Slavic and Middle Eastern languages. You can have a look at it
    here: (if you don't mind the article being in
    German :))

    Note that it's based on my native German keyboard layout so far, but I
    could probably produce another version for English (or French or
    whatever), if there's sufficient interest. I've got a tool lying around
    to convert these to Keyman keyboards as well, if you need to use them
    with Toolbox or with Word under Windows 98/ME.

    There is another for transliterated input of Unicode Arabic and one for
    Unicode Cyrillic. Both cover pretty much all of the respective Unicode
    ranges. Again, both are based on German layouts, but if there's
    sufficient interest, I can produce other version.


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