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From: Michael Tiemann (
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 13:35:41 CDT

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    As a person who has spent 10+ years talking with the press and seeing
    how the press reports, the amount of misinformation is staggering. For
    me what is most frustrating is how the press will take the most
    sensational things that are said, ignoring the larger context of what is
    being communicated. This obsession with soundbites is to understanding
    what a porno movie is to human emotions, desires, and dreams. Worse,
    every other reporter thinks that this is good, not bad journalism, and
    the result is that there is no standard of quality, only mediocrity.


    On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 13:49, Patrick Andries wrote:
    > Ted Hopp a écrit :
    > >I was listening to that program, too. When I heard the "explanation" of
    > >Unicode, I turned off the radio. :(
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > [PA] This kind of experiences always makes me wonder how much «
    > misinformation » I'm listening to or viewing on subjects about which I
    > know less...
    > P. A.

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