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Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 14:28:44 CDT

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    Michael Everson writes:

    > I don't agree that Dvorak is "the English name"
    > for the composer. But I don't agree that "façade"
    > is correctly spelled in English without the ç
    > either.

    The Society for Pure English
    (<>) disagreed:

    "We still borrow as freely as ever; but half the benefit of this
    borrowing is lost to us, owing to our modern and pedantic attempts
    to preserve the foreign sounds and shapes of imported words, which
    make their current use unnecessarily difficult. Owing to our false
    taste in this matter many words which have been long naturalized
    in the language are being now put back into their foreign forms,
    and our speech is being thus gradually impoverished. This process
    of de-assimilation generally begins with the restoration of foreign
    accents to such words as have them in French; thus ‘role’ is now
    written ‘rôle’; ‘debris’, ‘débris’; ‘detour’, ‘détour’; ‘depot’,
    ‘dépôt’; and the old words long established in our language,
    ‘levee’, ‘naivety’, now appear as ‘levée’, and ‘naïveté’."

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