Re: Arabic written in Syriac? Arabic written in Tifinagh?

From: E. Keown (
Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 16:21:39 CDT

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             Elaine Keown

    Dear Patrick Andries and list:

    > >Arabic written in Syriac (by Syriac
    > Well, the keyword Garshuni may help here.

    Aha!--thank you. Is there much Garshuni material,
    some especially notable?

    I understand that Aramaic (= Syriac in this case) is
    also written in there a word for that?
    I still have no reference for that script variant...

    > >Tifinagh is used to write Arabic by Tuareg
    > >women.....I hope that the Moroccan Tifinagh
    > >proposal includes those characters......
    Patrick Andries wrote:
    > Do you have any letters in mind ? Some such letters
    > could very well be missing

    I did have a short list of such Tifinagh characters--6
    or fewer----from 3 years ago.....but the U.S. Post
    Office lost two of my boxes this spring, and the
    Arabic- etc notes were in the box that's still
    heaven-knows-where. Kamal Mansour had a copy of my
    Arabic-script bibliography, but I am not sure that the
    Tifinagh material was on that.....

    I've been in too many libraries to be able to tell you
    if I found 'Extended Tifinagh' in Stanford's Green
    Library, at UnivCalif Richmond Depository, or at U

    But Tifinagh is actually a really important
    script---it's used to write many major dialects,
    though maybe more by women....and it's caseless, so
    the collation string can have the variants inserted in
    the regular string of letters....


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