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Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 19:03:06 CDT

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           Elaine Keown

    Dear Mark and List:

    I have even less of an idea than usual what on earth
    you are all talking about, but....

    Today I am working on the 6th set of Hebrew
    diacritics. They are called 'Palestinian' and are
    found exclusively in the Cairo Genizah material.

    The 'Cairo Genizah' was a storeroom in a synagogue in
    Old Cairo = Fustat which had about 600 years of
    Hebrew, Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, etc. material.

    In the Genizah they found some Hebrew manuscripts that
    people thought were permanently lost--no one had seen
    them since 100 C.E.

    Since May I have preliminary proposals for all the
    other Hebrew diacritics, but am waiting on the font
    before passing along the URLS to those who are

    Mark wrote:
    >Even so, there's probably some language out there
    >that requires some diacritics left in place on Hebrew
    >letters (I don't know much about other languages
    >written in Hebrew letters; Elain Keown knows that
    >better). But this folding is *supposed* to lose data.
    >Even in Hebrew, folding away all the vowels leaves
    >something probably readable, but with

    There's a good list of languages written in Hebrew on
    my site---but I am still missing information on about
    11 others:

    Variant letters for regional Jewish
    languages written in square script,
    ‘Rashi’ etc (33)
    16. Arabic(34) 6 4
    17. Berber(35) 1 0
    18. Persian(35) 3 0
    19. Tajik(36) (Bukhari) 4 2
    20. Tat(37) 3 2
    21. Krimchak(38-39) 3 1
    22. Neo-Aramaic(40,41) (Kurdit) 3 1
    23. Greek(42) 3 1
    24. French(43 7 3
    25. Shuadit(44), Comtadin(45) 1 0
    26. Italian(46) 6 1
    27. Ladino(47) 4 2
    28. Yiddish(48) 6 3
    Net subset totals 20

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