Re: Errors in TUS Figure 15.2?

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Fri Jul 30 2004 - 12:47:58 CDT

On 30/07/2004 16:51, Otto Stolz wrote:

> Peter Kirk schrieb:
>> There appear to be two errors (not listed in the errata page
>> in Figure 15.2 on page 391 of The
>> Unicode Standard 4.0, the online version at
>> The fourth and last column of the table appears to be the same as the
>> third column, except for the header row and the first content row
>> referring to the fi ligature. But the forms in the second and third
>> rows seem to be incorrect. (The forms in the fourth row should be the
>> same.)
>> The fourth column is supposed to indicate the desired rendering of
>> <C1, ZWJ, C2>. But in the text just before, ZWJ is specified as follows:
>>> ZWJ requests that glyphs in the highest available category (for the
>>> given font) be used:
>>> 1. Unconnected
>>> 2. Cursively connected
>>> 3. Ligated
> Read the paragraph immediately below that figure.

OK. I did. But I shouldn't have to do that as this figure is supposed to
be an example of what has been specified before.

And there is still a problem with the text before the figure.

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