Re: Errors in TUS Figure 15.2?

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Tue Aug 03 2004 - 07:10:10 CDT

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    Doug Ewell a écrit :
    Peter Kirk <peterkirk at qaya dot org> wrote:
    The situation is even more confused in that some Unicode characters,
    e.g. U+0152 LATIN CAPITAL LIGATURE OE, are called LIGATUREs in their
    character names but are unambiguously single Unicode characters (e.g.
    they have no decomposition even for compatibility). (These are in
    addition to the characters named LIGATURE in the Alphabetic
    Presentation Forms block, which mostly have compatibility
    The last thing you want to worry about is the correlation between
    whether a character has the word LIGATURE in its name and whether it is
    actually a ligature.  That way lies madness.
    [PA] Incidentally, the French version of ISO 10646 does not name these letters LIGATURE, but DIGRAMME SOUDÉ (e.g. U+0152 : DIGRAMME SOUDÉ MAJUSCULE LATIN OE).

    Also, the Unicode 1.0 name may have been better in this regard : « LATIN CAPITAL LETTER O E ».

    P. A.

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