Re: UAX 15 hangul composition

From: Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk (
Date: Tue Aug 03 2004 - 11:09:36 CDT

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    W li¶cie z wto, 03-08-2004, godz. 13:47 +0200, Theo Veenker napisał:

    > Don't know if this has been asked/reported before, but is the example code
    > for hangul composition in UAX 15 correct?

    I reported it a month ago and got a response stating that "This has been
    forwarded to the right people, and they are looking into it".

    > The TIndex <= TCount should be TIndex < TCount I think.

    Right. Also, 0 <= TIndex should be 0 < TIndex.

    > IMO the example would be more clear if the Hangul_Syllable_Type property
    > would be used.

    I prefer to have formulas rather than tables for something which can be
    computed in a simple way.

    Recently I implemented some Unicode algorithms in a way which resulted
    in static linking of the relevant code into many programs. So it was
    important to make the executable size small, which means that I had to
    invent some "compressed" representation of various tables, and to prefer

    I used Hangul_Syllable_Type table before I realized that this data can
    be computed.

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