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Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 13:27:49 CDT

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    Given that a few people regularly seem to have a hard time sending their
    responses to the appropriate list, I wonder if a rule could be set up to
    reject messages that are coming from those people and that also have
    "[Hebrew]" in the subject field? That might get their attention. :-)


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    > > > These characters are also ignored except with respect to specific,
    > > > defined processes; for example, ZERO WIDTH NON-JOINER is ignored
    > > > collation.
    > >
    > > And the example is precisely the case which concerns me most. The
    > > preference for HOLAM is that the distinction between the two should
    > > "ignored except with respect to specific, defined processes", and
    > > easiest way to do that is to distinguish between them with a default
    > > ignorable character, like ZWNJ or a variation selector.
    > Another good point Peter: ZWNJ will not be suitable to make
    > between holam male and vav haluma, as this distinction is lost in
    > collation... How can we accept that loss of semantic during collation,
    > this should be clearly tailorable?

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