Re: sign for anti-neutrino - greek nu with diacritical line aboveworkaround ?

From: Hannes Mayer (
Date: Sat Aug 07 2004 - 01:12:16 CDT

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    busmanus wrote:
    > Hannes Mayer wrote:
    >> Hi all!
    >> So far I used a greek nu with a diacritical line above to create
    >> the sign for an anti-neutrino. But I discovered that diacritical
    >> marks are rendered incorrectly in Mozilla on Linux - the diacritical
    >> mark is right of the character, instead above - and Konqueror
    >> doesn't display diacritical marks at all.
    > Check if you use the latest stable version of these programs.
    > If so, report the problem to the developers as a bug.
    > Actually, this is part of a more general problem of rendering
    > "decomposed" combinations, which they should be aware of
    > by themselves. Also, there should already be some bug reports
    > lying around in their databases with similar problems, so
    > the most useful would be if you could add your comment
    > to one of the existing bug reports as a "vote" on the bug.
    > Of course, if you need the character quickly, you will just
    > need to fall back on the programs you previously used.
    > Or you may choose to insert the formulae in a graphical
    > representation.

    Thank you for your reply!! :-)
    I already added comments to a bug at
    The problem seems to persist since at least 2002(!).
    Well, for the time being I think I'll write a parser for my
    web documents, which will substitute the characters with diacritical
    lines into images. When the bug is fixed, I simply can disable the
    parser and the documents are displayed in their original state.

    >> Is there a single sign for an anti-neutrino in unicode ?
    >> I've searched the code charts, but without luck.
    > I don't think so, but let the more knowledgeable say for sure...

    So far all documents I've seen do have only images (mostly converted
    from latex), but I can't imagine that noone involved in particle
    physics uses unicode.
    BTW, just out of curiosity, if one proposes a new character, and it
    is approved, how long does it take until that new character is avail-
    able in the most common fonts ?

    Thank you!

    Best regards,
    Hannes / Austria

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