Re: sign for anti-neutrino - greek nu with diacritical line aboveworkaround ?

From: busmanus (
Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 16:48:08 CDT

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    Hannes Mayer wrote:
    > Hi all!
    > So far I used a greek nu with a diacritical line above to create
    > the sign for an anti-neutrino. But I discovered that diacritical
    > marks are rendered incorrectly in Mozilla on Linux - the diacritical
    > mark is right of the character, instead above - and Konqueror
    > doesn't display diacritical marks at all.

    Check if you use the latest stable version of these programs.
    If so, report the problem to the developers as a bug.
    Actually, this is part of a more general problem of rendering
    "decomposed" combinations, which they should be aware of
    by themselves. Also, there should already be some bug reports
    lying around in their databases with similar problems, so
    the most useful would be if you could add your comment
    to one of the existing bug reports as a "vote" on the bug.
    Of course, if you need the character quickly, you will just
    need to fall back on the programs you previously used.
    Or you may choose to insert the formulae in a graphical

    > Is there a single sign for an anti-neutrino in unicode ?
    > I've searched the code charts, but without luck.

    I don't think so, but let the more knowledgeable say for sure...



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