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Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 05:54:42 CDT

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    > At 10:19 +0100 2004-08-11, saqqara wrote:
    > >This is one example where colour support in fonts would be useful. A
    > >addition to the OpenType specifications if any readers here have
    > >on such matters.
    > Out of scope. You can use markup to make characters red.

    Of course but in the example, character has multiple colours (black and red)

    > >Something I have a vested interest in with my own focus on Ancient
    > >Hieroglyphs.
    > Budge used to print a solid black line over red Coffin text and the like.
    Yes, certainly the use of red for spells in Coffin texts, for instance, or
    indeed most use of red ink in hieratic is properly a matter of semantics and
    markup makes sense here.

    However use of colour is a feature of Hieroglyphs and it would be entirely
    reasonable for an Ancient Egyptian to want a full colour font for
    applications such as Tomb decoration. Not that this has any ramifications
    for Unicode, except to highlight the fact that such would be primarily a
    font issue rather than character coding or markup. Practically, I don't
    expect this to cut much ice with OpenType developments unless modern
    examples in living scripts exist.

    > The answer to the original question about black a with red macron is:
    > You cheat, just like they did in the good old days of lead type. For
    > that matter, just as they did when they had to put down one pen and
    > pick up another.
    > You can't expect the encoding to colour elements of precomposed glyphs.
    If this form is used consistently throughout, then it is in fact a feature
    of the font and in an ideal world fonts would support the bi-colour glyphs.
    In an imperfect world, you must indeed expect to have to fudge the issue.

    Bob Richmond

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