Re: [mo/mol] and [ro/ron/rum]

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Sat Aug 14 2004 - 13:47:05 CDT

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    Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin <antonio at tuvalkin dot web dot pt> wrote:

    > As for your question: both governments (and "their" people), while
    > keeping their armies and recyprocal independence (for now), agree
    > that it is the same language, even if they may some day disagree about
    > its name. (E.g., the 19th cent. saw a number of wars in South America
    > -- common language did not avert hostility nor did create unity among
    > neighbours.)

    Seeing that Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian have been given their own
    separate ISO 639 codes, for almost purely political reasons (they are
    dialects), I doubt it's necessary to worry about erasing the political
    distinction between Romanian and Moldavian.

    -Doug Ewell
     Fullerton, California

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