merge opensource traditional and simplified Chinese fonts

From: Zhang Weiwu (
Date: Sun Aug 22 2004 - 07:37:12 CDT

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    Hello. I have been using Linux & FreeBSD for many a year, and I am keep
    being troubled for the problem that almost all opensource fonts are
    seperated by simplified and traditional Chinese.

    For copyright restriction many Linux distributions and BSD releases only
    ship with opensource fonts. And afaik the "AR PL Kaiti GB" and "AR PL
    Songti GB" are the *only* scalable opensource fonts which contains
    simplified Chinese ideographs, and I have been using the two fonts all
    the years. These two fonts are released by arphic co. many years ago,
    and mean time they released correspoding fonts for Traditional Chinese
    encoded in Big 5, so they released 4 fonts: simplified Chinese Kaiti,
    simplified Chinese Songti, traditional Chinese Kaiti, traditional
    Chinese Mingti (Mingti is another way of saying Songti).

    The first two fonts only contain GB2312 characters. Even a typical
    mainland users cannot avoid seeing simplified Chinese and traditional
    Chinese in a same page (and truly this happens a lot to me). I often set
    my mozilla to use the first two fonts, and I am not able to see
    traditional Chinese ideograph in simplified Chinese webpages. This kills
    me because my Chinese name contains a traditional Chinese ideograph (and
    two simplified Chinese ideograph), i cannot even see my full name on my

    I wish I could start to merge these fonts: simplified Chinese Kaiti and
    traditional Chinese Kaiti into Chinese Kaiti, and simplified Chinese
    Songti, traditional Chinese Mingti into Chinese Songti, encode them into
    unicode and perhaps convert to type1 to allow wider use in Linux/BSD,
    and redistribute these fonts. Thanks its opensource I am allowed to do it.

    The questions:
    1) does this make sense at all? I must not be the first one who has this
    problem and I wonder do other people has better method to workaround? (I
    know about fontconfig but that require the end user be able to configure
    fontconfig, and I think distribute a font without modifying fontconfig
    would make other user feel more confortable.)
    2) If this is a good thing to do, do you think it's difficult? What tool
    do I need to research / use?
    3) Is it a good idea to distribute the font in type1? I am not sure but
    truetype font seems not being supported by many applications, and I
    never successfully made my tcl/tk and motif apps to use truetype Chinese

    Thank you!

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