Re: Deseret in use (?) by "micronation" Molossia

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Mon Sep 06 2004 - 20:44:33 CDT

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    António Martins-Tuválkin <antonio at tuvalkin dot web dot pt> wrote:

    > Deseret in use (?) by "micronation" Molossia: It is explained at
    > < >, but they put GIFs on-line,
    > making no use of the U+10400 block...

    I visited their site, wondering if they could use some assistance with
    transcription and Unicode from an American "foreign national" who reads
    and writes Deseret (and has been to the area recently). But they seem
    more interested in relations with residents of other micronations than
    with Americans. 𐐄 𐐶𐐯𐑊, 𐐻𐐭 𐐺𐐰𐐼.

    -Doug Ewell
     Fullerton, California, USA

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