Re: Deseret in use (?) by "micronation" Molossia

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Tue Sep 07 2004 - 10:22:38 CDT

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    From: "Doug Ewell" <>
    > António Martins-Tuválkin <antonio at tuvalkin dot web dot pt> wrote:
    >> Deseret in use (?) by "micronation" Molossia: It is explained at
    >> < >, but they put GIFs on-line,
    >> making no use of the U+10400 block...
    > I visited their site, wondering if they could use some assistance with
    > transcription and Unicode from an American "foreign national" who reads
    > and writes Deseret (and has been to the area recently). But they seem
    > more interested in relations with residents of other micronations than
    > with Americans. 𐐄 𐐶𐐯𐑊, 𐐻𐐭 𐐺𐐰𐐼.

    Seriously, do these kings and emperors, that "reign" on these lands and
    claim various disputed places around the world, or even on the Moon or Mars,
    and can issue currency by buying Monopoly(tm) game bills, be taken
    On these micro"nations", you'll find so many consitutional changes, for so
    few peoples (most often not more than a handful), that I doubt these peoples
    can claim create a "standard".
    What is real is that they have found a legal way to escape from their
    hosting country to put them out of laws, but also out of assistance. None of
    them are recognized internationally, except between themselves in a virtual
    forum (if they can pay for their Internet access used "abroad"...)
    We can accept their volonty of independance, but they have also to accept
    what this implies. Most of these self-claimed lands have disappeared after
    less than a dozen of years (divorce, family conflicts, or simply poverty
    caused by lack of local job and resources; none of these lands could live
    without tourism, if people visiting them accept to pay their tax in
    full-fledged US dollars or Euros...)
    I remember such self-claimed country by someone who bought an old oil
    platform, and anchored it in the international waters North of Europe. This
    platform is under International laws, but is not a homeland (nobody lives
    there), despite it is out of laws of the neighboring country. This has
    allowed the man owning it to escape from taxes and to found a financial
    company with "black" money that resists from fiscal inspections... until the
    status of the waters was resolved at the UN, by an agreement between
    neighbouring countries;

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