[hebrew] Re: [BULK] - Re: markup on combining characters

From: Michael Everson (everson@evertype.com)
Date: Thu Sep 09 2004 - 16:59:10 CDT

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    At 17:07 -0400 2004-09-09, Dean Snyder wrote:

    >The vowel points in Hebrew are CHARACTERS, they are NOT the logical
    >equivalent to Latin accents, even though they may seem to
    >superficially resemble them to non-Hebraists. They are not
    >sub-characters - they are real characters that just happen to be
    >written above, in, and under the consonants.

    Good heavens. This is nonsense. Or at least it is a use of the word
    "character" which is unrelated to the use which the UTC and WG2 makes
    of it.

    >They are, for example, actually read sequentially, just like
    >one reads Latin consonants and vowels.

    A lot like Tengwar, really.

    >But Unicode strapped these Hebrew vowel points with the combining
    >mark property

    They are combining marks.

    >and here we are, stuck with the wrong-headed, sub-character,
    >combining mark "legacy" with all its concomitant problems.

    Um. Wrong.

    >I'm way too busy right now to devote any time to this,


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