RE: [hebrew] Re: [BULK] - Re: markup on combining characters

Date: Tue Sep 14 2004 - 02:29:54 CDT

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    > > A lot like Tengwar, really.
    > >
    > This is hardly surprising, because I am sure that JRR Tolkien
    > was aware
    > of how Hebrew script works. Indeed according to one site I found
    > ( he was a
    > Hebrew scholar,
    > but this doesn't strike me as very reliable information.

    Since Tolkien was a philologist and a lexicographer he knew dozens of languages
    to varying degrees. He knew e.g. some Finnish (some say Quenya was inspired by
    it, and phonologically Q. does look like F.), but I certainly won't venture
    as far as to call him a _Finnish scholar_. An Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse scholar,


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