Re: Unicode & Shorthand?

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Sat Sep 18 2004 - 20:54:20 CDT

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    D. Starner wrote:

    > Christopher Fynn wrote:

    >>Is there any plan to include sets of shorthand (Pitman, Gregg etc.)
    >>symbols in Unicode? Or are they something which is specifically excluded?

    > They're a form of handwriting, which is generally excluded. Why do
    > they need to be encoded in a computer? General practice, at least,
    > is to transcribe them into standard writing first.

    Shorthand symbols are of course printed in books on shorthand :-)
    Stenotype and similar machines also produce shorthand symbols which you
    might want to store in data files for transcribing.

    Different shorthand systems seem to work differently - some appear to be
    more or less phonetic, others seem to have symbols for frequent words.

    This came up because someone says they want to make an OpenType font for
    Gregg shorthand symbols - which made me wonder which script block you'd
    map the glyphs to as the symbols often don't correspond directly to
    Latin characters.

    - Chris

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