Re: Unicode & Shorthand?

From: D. Starner (
Date: Sat Sep 18 2004 - 23:34:11 CDT

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    Christopher Fynn <> writes:
    > Shorthand symbols are of course printed in books on shorthand :-)

    But as images, not text. There's likely to be arrows, showing the
    directions, and any changes to glyph form are likely to be errors.

    > Stenotype and similar machines also produce shorthand symbols which you
    > might want to store in data files for transcribing.

    Do stenotype machines produce shorthand symbols? What I've seen to
    TV seem to produce Latin letters, and the keyboard image found through
    Google had Latin letter on it.

    In any case, that's possibly a valid case but it would be nice if the
    people who had such data were actually saying they were interested.
    > Different shorthand systems seem to work differently - some appear to be
    > more or less phonetic, others seem to have symbols for frequent words.

    That's another problem. The wikipedia article on Gregg Shorthand lists
    six different versions, and that's just Gregg shorthand.

    > This came up because someone says they want to make an OpenType font for
    > Gregg shorthand symbols - which made me wonder which script block you'd
    > map the glyphs to as the symbols often don't correspond directly to
    > Latin characters.

    I'd map them to a private use area. IPA should be used for IPA, not any
    random phonetic transcription that may or may not match the way the IPA
    breaks down speech.

    There may be cause to encode shorthand, but how many people really want
    to store text in shorthand? And which shorthands?

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