Re: Unicode & Shorthand?

From: Gerd Schumacher (
Date: Sun Sep 19 2004 - 00:45:08 CDT

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    Shorthand writing systems usually are not used for information interchange.
    Thus there seems to be no reason for encoding them.

    The Tironian notes, comprising many thousand characters, are the only
    exeption, I know. The Tironian et (U+204A) is still in use today. Few other
    ones of them, which survived in medieval Latin paleography, and even in
    early printing, in my opinion, should be encoded.

    Shorthand writing is very language specific. There use to be special
    characters for frequently used grapheme clusters like prefixes, suffixes,
    and complete words. Faulmann, Das Buch der Schrift, Vienna 1880, shows the

    Griechische Tachygraphie
    Tironische Noten (only some 160 characters)
    Englische Stenographie von Taylor
    Pitmans englische Phonographie
    Gabelsbergers deutschen Stenographie
    Stolzes Stenographie (German)

    Rendering Gabelsberger’s writing systems, for example, would exceed the
    complexity of any other script.

    Best regards

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