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Date: Mon Sep 20 2004 - 22:01:09 CDT

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    Eric Muller writes:
    > it is hard to
    > avoid human work essentially proportional to the number of base+mark
    > *combinations* you claim to support. [...]
    > I have no problem with people taking those chances or deciding their
    > fonts are ok, or whatever. But I have a real problem if somebody else
    > claims that *I* must take those chances, or that *I* must do an amount
    > of work that is not justified by my commercial goals, or that *my* fonts
    > are broken if I decided to not support some combination, or that *my*
    > fonts are ok even if the result is below my standards.

    What's your point? All this is exactly the same whether it's encoded
    as one character or just left as a heh followed by a combining circle.
    I didn't claim it would come magically out of nowhere.

    People don't care about your commerical goals or your standards; they
    care about their goals and their standards. Your fonts are ok if it
    meets their needs and standards (and sometimes it's not how well the
    font dances, it's finding a font that will dance at all); your fonts
    are broken (for their purposes) if you don't support their combinations.
    Frankly, just supporting the characters, whether or not everything is
    perfectly aligned and maximally aesthetically pleasing, can be of great
    help to someone who would otherwise be adding the accents in pen.

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