RE: Saudi-Arabian Copyright sign

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Tue Sep 21 2004 - 12:14:08 CDT

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    Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    > Second, there is the question of cursive joining for Arabic.
    > I don't know anything in the Unicode Standard that states that
    > a combining enclosing mark breaks cursive ligation. It stands
    > to reason that it *should*, but I don't know anything that
    > requires it.

    Well, according to the Unicode standard, it used to be break
    the joining on one side (the right side, unless one follows the
    bidi algorithm literally, and do the join analysis after bidi,
    in which case it would be the left side). I complained about
    this (and other things about joining properties), suggesting
    that "Me" characters (like an enclosing circle) should break
    the joining on both sides. But the UTC decision was the opposite,
    but equally good; Me characters should (shall?) not break the
    joining on any side. This decision was communicated to the
    bidi list recently:

    Mark Davis wrote, on
    > Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 12:08 AM
    > To:
    > Subject: [bidi] Fw: ArabicShaping suggestion
    > The UTC reviewed document L2/04-290 from Kent. I'll put the
    > results (very briefly!) here:
    > 6. We will add General Category = Me to Transparent.

                    /Kent K

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