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Date: Tue Sep 21 2004 - 12:05:53 CDT

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    At 03:58 AM 9/21/2004, Peter Kirk wrote:
    >On 20/09/2004 19:21, Asmus Freytag wrote:
    >>PS for named sequences:
    >>Draft Data:
    >>(the last part of the file name may change to NamedSequences*.txt).
    >The draft data is actually at

    For now, new drafts will change the numbering.

    >Is the intention of these named sequences to list all sequences which are
    >commonly considered to be units, although not treated as such by Unicode?
    >There are certainly some in Hebrew - at least dotted shin, dotted sin and
    >holam male, quite possibly all base characters with dagesh. Is the
    >intention to name all sequences which actually occur as grapheme clusters?
    >If so, a list of many thousands is needed for Hebrew.

    I think that would be of little value, esp. with the fact that Hebrew is
    not composed. Named sequences are useful to allow a sequence to be listed
    as part of a repertoire that contains otherwise only atomic or pre-composed

    >Where the sequence is supported as an alphabetic presentation form, e.g.
    >FB2A, FB2B and FB4B, will there be an equivalent named sequence, or will
    >the alphabetic presentation form name be used also for the sequence, or
    >will there simply be no need to define a sequence? Two different names for
    >the same thing could cause confusion.

    It would. I think we are still haggling out those details - this stuff is
    currently open for public review.


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