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Date: Tue Sep 21 2004 - 05:58:29 CDT

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    On 20/09/2004 19:21, Asmus Freytag wrote:

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    > PS for named sequences:
    > See:
    > Draft Data:
    > (the last part of the file name may change to NamedSequences*.txt).
    The draft data is actually at

    Is the intention of these named sequences to list all sequences which
    are commonly considered to be units, although not treated as such by
    Unicode? There are certainly some in Hebrew - at least dotted shin,
    dotted sin and holam male, quite possibly all base characters with
    dagesh. Is the intention to name all sequences which actually occur as
    grapheme clusters? If so, a list of many thousands is needed for Hebrew.

    Where the sequence is supported as an alphabetic presentation form, e.g.
    FB2A, FB2B and FB4B, will there be an equivalent named sequence, or will
    the alphabetic presentation form name be used also for the sequence, or
    will there simply be no need to define a sequence? Two different names
    for the same thing could cause confusion.

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