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Date: Tue Sep 28 2004 - 10:46:08 CST

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    At 09:09 -0700 2004-09-28, Eric Muller wrote:

    >Isn't it problematic to have the distinction between (MIDDLE) HOOK
    >and DESCENDER for GHE (494/4F6), KA (4C3/49A) and arguably EN
    >(4C7/4C9) but not for PE?

    If PE-DESCENDER is really used in Abkhaz. I wouldn't take the chart
    in D&B for gospel. I haven't checked my Abkhaz files yet.

    >That being said, I am not trying to beat the master of
    >disunification 8-) If we agree that 4A6/7 is it, then we need at
    >least an annotation "can be rendered with a descender instead of a
    >hook", or may be go all the way for a change of the representative
    >glyph to use a descender, since that is the form used in both D&B
    >and in the Abkhaz font.

    We need more evidence to encode a PE-DESCENDER or to annotate a book
    that just those two sources, I should think.

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