Re: Sample of german -burg abbreviature

From: Philipp Reichmuth (
Date: Sat Oct 02 2004 - 17:18:23 CST

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    Jrg Knappen schrieb:

    > The thing is used in some transliteration of
    > russian, where the letter <ya> is transcribed as \t{\ia}, i. e. an
    > inverted breve placed between a dotless i (\i) and a. A sample can be
    > found in Donald E. Knuth, the TeXbook.

    Just looked up the example in the TeXbook where this tie accent is used
    for scientific transliteration of Russian in the LOC system. In the
    TeXbook (p. 53), the accent is short, while in the LOC transliteration
    guidelines it's long. I don't think \t{\i a} warrants a separate accent;
    I'd put the blame on Knuth, rather, for using such a short glyph in his
    CM fonts. The LOC tables for Russian are online at; the TeXbook is
    online at (if you want
    a time warp back into the dark ages of computing when fonts had 128
    positions ;)

    U+0361 will do in this case, I think (well, even though probably not for


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