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Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 10:36:00 CST

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    > Well the main issue for
    > internationalization of software is not the character sets
    > with which it was tested.

            Yes, it is.

    > It is in fact trivial today to make
    > an application compliant with Unicode text encoding.

            That is (largely) true for new applications. Maintenance, however,
    is a big part of the industry, and that is where the real challenges come

    > What is more complicate is to make sure that the text will be
    > properly displayed.

            True, but that is not part of internationalization testing. It is
    part of localization testing. The two are distinct.

    > The main issues that cause most of the
    > problems come in the following area:


            Not a bad list, really - of localization issues. Note that it can
    be shortened a bit by removing RTL/LTR coexistence cases (removing all
    coexistence cases is generally a good idea anyway).

            I note that:

    > - the GUI layout should be preferably reversed for RTL languages.

            ...would be heavily subject to implementation details.


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