outside decomposed, inside precomposed

From: Richard Cook (rscook@socrates.berkeley.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 12 2004 - 17:17:25 CST

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    Using a certain newly "Unicode-aware" database application which shall
    remain nameless (FileMaker 7):

    imported UTF-8 sequences like [U+0065][U+0303] <e, tilde> get remapped
    internally to [U+1ebd] LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH TILDE.

    Is this kind of behavior what one would expect?

    It's problematic (and buglike) for at least one reason: one needs to
    put all these precomposed things in one's font, or FileMaker doesn't
    display them properly.

    I'm assuming it will export the data in decomposed form ... but haven't
    actually tried that yet ...

    BTW, this application supports import of UTF-8, but will not export
    UTF-8. That's odd, isn't it? It'll only export UTF-16 (it's internal
    storage form).


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