Egyptological Transliteration Characters

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Date: Mon Oct 18 2004 - 18:42:32 CST

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    Michaels proposal for three egyptological transliteration characters (with upper and low case versions, 6 characters in all)has been around for some years. See

    There was a short discussion on the topic on this list over a year ago.

    I have no doubt as that this is useful to the user community and now there is better Unicode support creeping out in applications, seems to me the time is ripe for this to be put to UTC for a decision on inclusion.

    These characters have been in use for over a hundred years in published work on the subject and it would be good to be done with the font hacking approach.

    Any real problems from the generalists here? Thought I'd post here before canvassing same in the subject interest groups.

    Bob Richmond
    Saqqara Technology

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