text-transform (was: CSS3, Unicode BIDI, and Vertical Text Layout

From: Carl W. Brown (cbrown@xnetinc.com)
Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 16:12:54 CST

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    What amazes me is that no one has addressed numeric input.

    Often companies to simplify i18n use web servers and browsers for data processing. Much of that involves forms and these forms have mixed alphanumeric and numeric only fields. To the best of my knowledge nowhere can I specify numeric only fields. If for example, I am entering data with an IME which is on the numeric values will be entered as full-width characters unless I disable the IME for that specific field. With heads down keying this can cause errors.

    Why not add "numeric" to "capitalize | uppercase | lowercase | none". This would convert full-width as well as other script numeric characters to 0-9 and remove all alpha characters.


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