Re: Public Review Issues Update

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 08:59:01 CST

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    People get different things out of the printed book; I personally don't need
    the code charts; I always look at online versions. But many people find
    printed charts very useful; de gustibus non disputandum est.

    As to the comments; this may seem recursive, but if you file an online
    report requesting feedback, it will be taken up at the UTC.


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    > Mark Davis wrote:
    > > All comments are reviewed at the next UTC meeting. Due to the volume, we
    > > don't reply to each and every one what the disposition was. If actions
    > > taken, they are recorded in the minutes of the meetings.
    > But what if an action was not taken. Do I have to keep reporting a
    > problem until it's gone? Also, there is no way of telling which problems
    > already have been reported a dozen times before. Assuming the comments
    > reported are archived, why can't this archive be made accessible to the
    > unicode list?
    > Theo
    > P.S.
    > I know the Unicode Consortium is a non-profit organization and you are all
    > very very busy, and I look up to the people behind it. But I often find
    > it hard to see the part where the Unicode Consortium is actually promoting
    > use of the Unicode Standard. Sometimes it almost seems to discourage
    > developers to use the Standard. Take the Book for instance, one is not
    > allowed to print the online version, so I bought the book to find out
    > that 2 of its 3 kilograms is just tables of glyphs which could have been
    > on a CD. So you pay $75 to get value for $25.

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