Re: Egyptological Transliteration Characters

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Oct 23 2004 - 08:32:47 CST

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    At 22:49 +0500 2004-10-22, Peter Kirk wrote:

    >All of the examples of Egyptological ayin given in this PDF are in
    >italic text. Thus the reference glyph which Michael has given is in
    >fact based on an italic form.

    I am aware of that.

    >Now this italic form looks very like an italic (i.e. basically
    >slanted) form of U+02BD MODIFIER LETTER REVERSED COMMA. So, would an
    >Egyptological ayin in non-italic text look just like a reversed

    It would not.

    >This is part of the history of these characters which needs to be
    >investigated. Did the typesetters in fact start by taking an italic
    >version of the Greek rough breathing character and reuse it for

    Something like that. Please be patient.

    >This point of course does not deal with the casing issue.

    Gardiner cases them; therefore we shall want casing pairs.

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