Re: Looking for the UDHR in Thai

From: Edward H. Trager (
Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 09:57:06 CST

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    Hi, Eric,

    The site which you found is
    just a summary of the main points of each article of the document.
    It is not the document itself.

    Xavier Nègre's web page at
    provides translations of just the *first article* of the Declaration
    in a number of languages, including Thai -- I am the one who typed
    the Thai article by reading from the GIF images on the UNHCR UHDR

    If you are interested, I can get you the *whole document in Thai* in
    electronic UTF-8 form if you really need it. Email me off the list
    at to discuss your needs.

    As you are probably aware, many of the other translations on the
    UNHCR UHDR site are also provided as a series of GIF images. This is
    true for many languages written in Indic and Indic-derived scripts
    such as Kannada and Burmese. I am working with a colleague of mine
    to have the first article typed in Kannada and as many of the other
    Indic /Indic-derived languages as we can manage as part of my Unicode Font Guide
    for Free/Libre Open Source Operating Systems web page which you
    are welcome to visit:

    As you can see there, we are using the First Article in various languages
    for displaying many of the Unicode font samples.

    Again feel free to email me off the list if, besides Thai, you should need the entire
    Declaration in any of the other Indic- or Indic-derived languages.

    - Ed Trager
      Kellogg Eye Center
      University of Michigan
      Ann Arbor.

    On Tuesday 2004.11.02 16:53:31 -0800, Eric Muller wrote:
    > I am using the various versions of the Universal Declaration of Human
    > Rights at <> as test material.
    > Unfortunately, the Thai version is an image, and the resolution is not
    > good enough for me to even attempt to retype the document. Can somebody
    > point me to either better images, or even better to a text version (any
    > encoding, with or without markup)?
    > The only thing I have found so far is
    > <>, but this does not seem
    > to be the complete text: the preamble is missing, is the text is much,
    > much smaller than any of the other languages.
    > Thanks,
    > Eric.

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