Re: not font designers?

Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 00:05:59 CST

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    Dear all,

    I will not identify myself as a font designer. I learned Physical Education, but not in that field now. I have not designed a font, but have converted one Malayalam TT font to unicode font by adding some opentype tables to that. Malayalam language badly needed someone to do that. Thats how i came to this list.

    so i am not a font designer. Now At last windows is supporting Malayalam as a language, and the deficiency of Malayalam Unicode fonts is a problem now. I wish all the present hackfonts got converted to unicode fonts, thus without designing new fonts, we will get so many unicode fonts. this also will not make me a font designer.

    kevin & siji
    move to unicode
    let us help the diverse cultures on this earth sustain.

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    > E. Keown <k underscore isoetc at yahoo dot com> wrote:
    >> Supposedly this list has >600 people.
    >> Just of curiosity, how many of you are NOT font
    >> designers?
    > Maybe I'm being a bit cynical (the election wasn't that long ago, after
    > all), but I have to wonder what the motivation is for asking this
    > question.
    > This is not inherently a list of font designers, nor is the Unicode
    > Consortium an organization of font vendors. However, there have been
    > charges by critics, such as Steven Searle of the TRON Project, that
    > Unicode is in the "font creation business" (among his many wild and
    > unsubstantiated claims).
    > Certainly there are some font designers on this list, but to ask a list
    > of 600+ members how many are NOT font designers implies that most of
    > them are.
    > You've received nine public responses: one from a genuine font designer,
    > two (or more, depending on interpretation) from people who have designed
    > fonts at some time but don't identify themselves as "font designers,"
    > and the remainder from people who definitely aren't font designers. It
    > would be disingenuous to suggest that the other 591+ list members who
    > have not responded must therefore be font designers.
    > -Doug Ewell
    > Fullerton, California

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